EarthChem WFS Service

The EarthChem WFS Service is a full transactional implementation of the OpenGIS Consortium's Web Feature Server specification.

The following layers are available: The EarthChem WFS Service can be found at:

Field List

Each of the above layers contains the following common fields, along with associated chemical values.

AnalysisURI The unique identifier for the sample analysis.
AnalysisName The human-intelligible name of the analysis.
OtherAnalysisID Other identifiers associated with this specific analysis.
DetectionLimitURI URI dereferencing to a representation of detection limits and uncertainty for analysis performed.
Notes Any notes about the geologic unit/formation associated with this analysis, the reporting methods, analysis method, additional information about the results, etc.
SamplingFeatureName Human-intelligible name of the feature.
SamplingFeatureURI Unique identifier for the geologic unit/formation described by the elements in this table.
SpecimenID ID given to the specimen by the collector(s). May be an IGSN.
OtherSpecimenID Other IDs given to the specimen by the collector(s).
SpecimenURI Unique identifier for the specimen.
ParentSampleURI Unique resource identifier for the parent sample for the specimen that is the subject of the record.
Label Label for map portrayal
SpecimenCollectionDate Date the specimen was collected.
SpecimenLabel Label associated with the specimen.
SpecimenDescription Description of the specimen.
SampleCollectionMethod Method used to collect specimen.
SpecimenType Term to describe the type of specimen.
SpecimenCollector Field to indicate the party(s) responsible for collecting the sample.
MaterialClass Category from simple material classification scheme e.g. {rock, sediment, aqueous liquid, other liquid, gas, biological material}
LithologyTerms This field may be used for the type of material, mineral composition, or additional terms related to the rock type.
RockName Free text name for lithology category of sample.
SampledGeologicUnit Name of the geologic unit that the sample represents.
SampledGeologicUnitAge Approximate or known age of the geologic unit from which the sample was collected.
County County name.
State State name.
LatDegree Latitude of sample collection location in decimal degrees.
LongDegree Longitude of sample collection location in decimal degrees.
SRS Spatial reference system for latitude and longitude.
LocationUncertaintyStatement Free text statement on uncertainty of location coordinates.
LocalityTerms One or more geographic names associated with sample collection location.
DatumElevation Datum used for elevation.
Depth Depth should be included with the record if the sample was obtained at depth from a borehole or well - if known.
Elevation Elevation (AMSL).
VerticalUnits Meters or Feet.
Source Reference, citation, or URI for data source.
Citation Citation for sample;
MetadataURI URL redirecting the user to a web accessible page with metadata related to the analysis.
RelatedResource Any materials or resources related to the sample analysis that is the subject of this record.
AnalysisType Type of analysis used to obtain the results in this record.
AnalysisDate Date that analysis was obtained.
Laboratory Laboratory that performed the analysis that is the subject of this record.
ProcedureSummary Summary of Analytical technique for this line of data.
UpdateTimeStamp Date of last time line of data was updated or corrected by the service provider.

In addition to the above fields, each layer also contains chemical values for each sample:

Isotopes Be10_Be, Be10_Be9, Cl36_Cl, Epsilon_Nd, Hf176_Hf177, K40_Ar36, Lu176_Hf177, Nd143_Nd144, Os184_Os188, Os186_Os188, Os187_Os186, Os187_Os188, Pb206_Pb204, Pb206_Pb207, Pb206_Pb208, Pb207_Pb204, Pb208_Pb204, Pb208_Pb206, Rb87_Sr86, Re187_Os186, Re187_Os188, Sm147_Nd144, Sr87_Sr86
NobleGas Ar36_Ar39, Ar37_Ar39, Ar37_Ar40, Ar38_Ar36, Ar39_Ar36, Ar40, Ar40_Ar36, Ar40_Ar39, Ar40_K40, He3_He4, He4_He3, He4_Ne20, Kr78_Kr84, Kr80_Kr84, Kr82_Kr84, Kr83_Kr84, Kr86_Kr84, Ne20_Ne22, Ne21_Ne20, Ne21_Ne22, Ne22_Ne20, Xe124_Xe130, Xe124_Xe132, Xe126_Xe130, Xe126_Xe132, Xe128_Xe130, Xe128_Xe132, Xe129_Xe130, Xe129_Xe132, Xe130_Xe132, Xe131_Xe130, Xe131_Xe132, Xe132_Xe130, Xe134_Xe130, Xe134_Xe132, Xe136_Xe130, Xe136_Xe132
RareEarth_Element Ce_ppm, Dy_ppm, Er_ppm, Eu_ppm, Gd_ppm, Hf_ppm, Ho_ppm, La_ppm, Lu_ppm, Nd_ppm, Pr_ppm, Sm_ppm, Ta_ppm, Tb_ppm, Tm_ppm, Yb_ppm
StableIsotopes Delta_18O
Trace_Element Ag_ppm, As_ppm, Ba_ppm, Be_ppm, Bi_ppm, Co_ppm, Cr_ppm, Cs_ppm, Cu_ppm, Dy_ppm, Ga_ppm, Ge_ppm, In_ppm, Mo_ppm, Nb_ppm, Ni_ppm, Pb_ppm, Rb_ppm, Sb_ppm, Sc_ppm, Sn_ppm, Sr_ppm, Ti_ppm, U_ppm, V_ppm, W_ppm, Y_ppm, Zn_ppm, Zr_ppm
U-Series Pb210_Ra226, Pb210_u238, Po210_Rn222, Po210_Th230, Ra226_Th228, Ra226_Th230, Ra228_Th232, Rn222_Th230, Th230_Ra226, Th230_Ra232, Th230_U238, Th232_Pb204, Th232_Th230, Th232_U238, Th238_U238, U234_U238, U235_Pb204, U238_Pb204, U238_Th230, U238_Th232
VolatileGas CO2, F, Cl, H
WR_Major_Element Al2O3_WtPct, CaO_WtPct, Fe2O3_WtPct, H2O_WtPct, K2O_WtPct, LOI_WtPct, MgO_WtPct, MnO_WtPct, Na2O_WtPct, P2O5_WtPct, SiO2_WtPct, TiO2_WtPct, Total_WtPct

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